Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just in case...

Just in case anybody thought that I had forgotten that this blog existed, here's a quick post. Life is going well here. Actually, I had a pretty busy weekend of call and Christmas but we're all doing OK. Jim and I are both a little sick but we're pressing on. I'm finishing up the work week down here. Jim and the kids are spending the rest of the week up with his family. Saturday, I leave with the kids to go to LA and visit with family and see the Rose Bowl.

We had a great Christmas morning. Jack wore his goalie gear (courtesy of Uncle Jeff and Uncle Carl) all day- photos to come. Emma was excited about everything too. All in all- a successful day full of lots of family time, yummy food, and even sleeping in a little. Lots of pictures to come. I'm going to start trying to be a little more proactive about pictures on my Flickr account. Once I actually start updating, I'll add a link.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Today's happenings

Well, I've been debating about starting a blog for awhile to keep a journal for us (and our loved ones) of memories of Jack and Em (and us). So, we'll see how often I actually write on this thing. But I figured it was worth a start.

Today, Sarah (who was also an inspiration to finally get this blog going) let us borrow her game Who What Where Junior. What a great game! Basically it's like pictionary but there is a who card, what card, and where card. One example from today's game was a hamster fishing in a truck. As any of you who know me know, I'm not the world's best artist but everybody got all of the ones that I drew. In fact, we all got everybody's. Bonus points for anyone who can guess all of the ones above and guess the artist- to make for easier deciphering, it helps to double click on the image to enlarge them.