Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seven years ago today...

Em was born. In celebration, Emma and I went to go treat our adrenaline deficiency at Water Country. "No-Fear Girl" wanted to go down the biggest water slide in all of New England, the Double Geronimo- basically, it's a 58 foot vertical freefall waterslide. So we went... I couldn't quite find a picture to do it justice but there were big muscle-y 20 year old guys behind us in line practically peeing in their pants in fear while they were waiting. Em went down without batting an eyelash and then went to the next ride... We had fun, came home and did Friendly's with the grandparents. Now she's spending the night at my mom's to go have fun tomorrow- I need a birthday week next year (Jim, are you reading this?).
Jack enjoyed his new hockey net that Jim put outside for him.
Fun was had by all...
Most go try and conquer Emily Windsnap...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just in case...

Just in case any one actually reads this blog AND the good reads piece to the side of it AND is wondering about my recent book selection... Emma is devouring books and, when I say devouring books, I mean devouring books. It's pretty fun to watch but pretty hard to keep up with. All of the local children's librarians know Jack, Em, and me by our first names. They know which books we like (and which we don't). And they know that I never seem to weight lift enough to carry the pile of books for Emma that will only fulfill her for the week. Emma was reading the third in a series of books intended for 8-12 year olds and it seems that the whole mermaid needing to choose between life in the sea vs life on land decision needed to be made, but it entails a choice between living with mom on land or dad in the sea. The thought of choosing between two parents pretty much left Em distraught so she wanted to finish up the books with me instead and she wanted me to read the other two first. Little did she know, that I'm nowhere close to as fast a reader as she is and now I'm still only plugging away on book 2. I'll get there eventually... Anyways, I'm off to go read the Monster in the deep with Emily Windsnap (or something like that). Two days in a row... Now if I could only exercise 2 days in a row, we would be golden!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good intentions...

I keep thinking I'm going to update more often. Funny pictures and stories of the kids, what's going on in our lives, our garden progress (or lack thereof). But it seems that I just never get to it. Thanks for sticking with me- whoever you might be.
We had quite the busy weekend.
Saturday Em shopped with Jim's mom. I'm thankful that there is someone out there that will go with Em to the mall so she can have fun (and that it's not me). Jack went to the RedSox with Jim and his dad and brother. Unfortunately, it was a Red Sox loss but he thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to Fenway.
Today was Em's birthday party. We had it at Oak Knoll, our local Audubon sanctuary where we spend a lot of time (and where Jim is on the board). Unfortunately, as we went to go on our walk, it started pouring but we had tons of fun dissecting owl pellets inside instead- lots of bones found by all- and it cleared up for a walk afterwards.
Not sure how I got it in my head, but home made birthday cakes for the kids' birthdays are very important to me. The past few years I had slacked off and either bought them or used mixes. Em specifically requested a return to the home made cake. As many of you know, I am always looking for a new day job- I don't think cake decorating will be it- but it did taste yummy.
My sister and future brother in law were in town this weekend and we all had fun hanging out with them. We went to Waterfire last night and to the Pride parade. Fun was had by all.
The week ahead looks to be a busy one.
Tomorrow night is a Paw Sox game to celebrate Em's birthday and her last day of school.
Tuesday is fun with the kids... not sure what we'll do. Maybe some strawberry picking?
Wednesday is Em's birthday. I took the day off and I think Em and I might have girl power day at Water Country.
Well, there's the catch up.
I'll try to be better (although I wouldn't hold your breath).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And the saga continues...

Read yesterday's post first...

This morning's conversation
Emma: "You know, I could take you shopping to help you get clothes that are more fashionable..."
Me: "Where would you take me?"
Emma: "Well, we could go to Target."
Me: "What would you help me pick out?"
Emma: "Well, you definitely need skirts and dresses. And probably some shirts and pants too"
Emma: "And purses too"
Me: "Purses? (with an emphasis on the plurality of the word)"
Emma: "Well, of course, you need a purse to match each outfit."
Me: "Oh"

Well, at least she's being frugal and shopping at Target. I'm sure that won't last long.

Monday, June 2, 2008

And the fun begins...

Well, we all have known for some time that Em some day would be making fun of my fashion sense (or lack thereof). I just didn't think it would be so soon.
I put on my new pajamas- courtesy of my inlaws for my birthday. In case you ever see me wearing anything nice, it's usually from them. My mother-in-law has much better taste than I do (again, not that it's that hard).
Emma: "Wow, nice pajamas, where did you get them?"
Me: "Why, do they not look like something that I would pick out myself?"
Emma: "No, they're way too fashionable"