Thursday, January 29, 2009

As many of you already know...

Life in primary care is getting tougher financially. So we've now decided to keep our parking lot permanently an ice rink and do hip fracture repairs in the office. It keeps a steady flow of patients and income.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Never mind...

It's a new moon today... yeah, well, I'm sure that has something to do with the chaos as well.


Before I entered medicine, I hadn't a hint of superstition. Medical school and residency changed all that. We always talked about full moons, call socks for luck, and definitely never saying the Q word (quiet) or things would get busy.

Lately, for me, it's all been about the stethoscope. The nights that I don't bring my stethoscope home with me, the next morning I inevitably have to go to the hospital to admit a patient and embarrassingly ask someone if I can borrow their stethoscope. On Friday, I knew I was jinxing myself by not bringing my stethoscope home but left it on my desk anyways and, of course, an admission awaited me this morning. Jim will be sure to rant on about how it is all recollection bias and that there surely isn't a true relationship, but I will be sure to bring my stethoscope home from now on.

And, I'm sure there's a relationship between today's sheer chaos and extra admissions and emergency room visits because of the full moon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Upon request...

Some have nagged me for not blogging lately. I must say- I feel like I don't have much to say or nothing witty enough or nothing that anybody would care about so I've been staying away. I might try to be better... or maybe not.

That being said, a lot has been going around in the news lately about some thing that I'm very passionate about... food. Not food that's in a can or found at McDonalds but actual food that tastes like food because it's made out of real ingredients.

Many are saying that the new administration might take a Michael Pollan like outlook on food or at least a foodie approach which would be amazing. My favorite quote from the foodie article is that the Obamas should just publish what they eat every day and just that alone will change how Americans eat.

Check out this article which talks about it all more eloquently than I ever could. We've "bought a piece of the White House lawn" on this website to help support the cause.