Monday, January 18, 2010

A beautiful day...

As many of you know, the cough/lung thing has been back for the past few weeks and I've been out of work the past week. I've been trying to maximize relaxation and family time and overall seeming to accomplish it.
Yesterday, I decided to push it a little bit and had the most wonderful day.
We spent the morning just hanging out at home, playing games, reading...
We all went to Jack's hockey game which was great.
Then off to the Museum of Science. We had an awesome time there exploring, watching the lightning show, and hit the Harry Potter exhibit. Em is such a Harry Potter fan- it's so fun to see the exhibit through her eyes. Jack, of course, enjoyed playing Quidditch. They were both super excited to use the Spend money from their piggy banks from Chanukkah.
On to the T and hit the Border Cafe for dinner. While waiting for our table, I took the kids to the Coop and let them splurge on a few books. Stupendous dinner including my favorite, fried plantains!
Then a safe, quiet ride home.
Only to be followed by a quiet day at home today including a Settlers of Catan game which Jack won. Lots of other games, reading and snuggle time.
Overall, life is good.
Now, hopefully the doctors tomorrow will wave their magic wand so health issues will all vanish away and I'll continue to feel better for work on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Kleenex ad.

Me: "Sorry that I haven't been able to play hockey and go skating with you lately. And that I haven't been able to play wii a lot either."
Jack: "I know."
Jack: "But, you know mom, lots of moms don't do that kind of stuff anyways. I'm just lucky that you want to do those things and I know you'll do them again with me when you're feeling better."
Jack: "And, mommy, we've been playing a lot more card games and building legos and stuff and that's really fun too"
Jack: "And, mommy, I just like spending time with you"

Seriously... took a lot to hold the tears back.