Thursday, February 4, 2010

Insert soapbox here...

I googled the cost of my new RA medicine. $52000/year.
Hmmm, at an injection every 2 weeks, that's $2000 per injection.
Jim would like to sell the $4000 of medicine that we have in our fridge on ebay.
All in all, I'm just thankful that I have health insurance that I paid a mere $40 for it.
Now, most of you know my stand on the recent Massachusetts senate election, universal health care, and all other things political...
But seriously?? $52000/year? And that doesn't include any of my other medicines, my doctor's visits, CT scans, MRIs, labwork, hospitalizations...
Obviously, if there was an easy solution to all of the woes of our medical system, it would have been figured out by now but, as a patient, a doctor, a mother, I can honestly say that the health care system that we have now is seriously broken.
Please, my friends, let's try and fix it.