Saturday, May 23, 2009

Inspired but lazy...

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Wild Suburbia, I went outside this AM to take some pictures of our vegetable and native perennial gardens. As per the usual, I was having some issues getting all the pictures over and I was just too lazy to do it manually so you can see them all here.
Our vegetable garden, as usual, is dominated by tomatoes. I think there are 24 plants. Brandywine, Supersweet 1005, caruso, yellow perfection, sungold, pole perfect purple, red grape, mountain delight, mountain princess, sweet Chelsea, margharita, garden peach, green zebra, Cherokee purple, Caspian pink, Matt's Wild Cherry. I can't wait. I got them at Russell's and the Southside Community Land Trust's plant sale. I think we'll have a tomato taste testing party. Anybody in??
We also have green beans and peas which haven't had the most successful germination rate but those that we have plants for look quite healthy. We planted onion sets and potatoes for the first time this year and they're looking pretty good. The usual cucumbers and bush zucchini which are going to go in to our community garden plot. A garden huckleberry plant and ground cherry plants too. Some pepper plants- sweet red bell, hot (Thai dragon), and Italian sweet. The asparagus patch is thriving in its 2nd year- we didn't harvest at all but are looking forward to next year. The rhubarb that we planted about a month ago seems to be doing well as well. Jim's cold frames of carrots, beets, lettuce, Swiss chard are looking great. We've even eaten some lettuce already and are ready for more harvesting.
The perennial garden is looking great. We started doing this in Rhode Island. Low maintenance year to year and minimal need for water and pest control since they're all native to our area. Most of the plants are a few years in and are really thickening up and looking great.
Here's to a spring, summer, and fall full of flowers and food!



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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The best birthday...

Started with fun yesterday selecting my garden plants... I think the 20 odd tomato plants will be a good start for the season.
Had a great day today, yummy dinner by Jim, the traditional Carvel cake with my parents, with singing courtesy of all including cha-cha-chas by Em and Jack.
And to top it all off, I finally got my Jew's on first shirt...

Which begs to have me mention again the link to my favorite giggle source of all times. Man, I miss Jerry Remy.

In fact, I'm going to watch it right now to top off the birthday before an early bed time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anybody see a problem with this??

So, I took the University Virginia Medical Specialty Aptitude Test. I'm wondering if the results of this test suggest some of my job satisfaction issues. Do you think Jim would be up for another 5 years of residency (a general surgery one at that??)?

Besides the low ranking of family medicine, the other humor in this list is that urology is #2 and is in my top 3 of wouldn't do if someone paid me a million dollars specialties (followed by radiology and anesthesia)

Rank Specialty Score
1 general surgery 47
2 urology 47
3 thoracic surgery 45
4 otolaryngology 45
5 orthopaedic surgery 45
6 physical med & rehabilitation 45
7 ophthalmology 44
8 rheumatology 44
9 pulmonology 44
10 colon & rectal surgery 44
11 radiation oncology 44
12 anesthesiology 43
13 pathology 43
14 hematology 43
15 neurology 43
16 occupational med 43
17 radiology 43
18 psychiatry 42
19 aerospace med 42
20 plastic surgery 42
21 obstetrics/gynecology 42
22 gastroenterology 42
23 endocrinology 42
24 nephrology 42
25 infectious disease 42
26 general internal med 41
27 allergy & immunology 41
28 dermatology 41
29 med oncology 41
30 neurosurgery 41
31 preventive med 40
32 nuclear med 39
33 cardiology 39
34 family practice 39
35 emergency med 39
36 pediatrics 35